Receive a Rebate on New Construction Homes

As a special incentive, I will rebate, right back to you, money for a portion of your closing costs and prepaid expenses. Please note that there may be builder and/or lender restrictions or limitations on the amount I can actually give back to you which I cannot control.

All you have to do is ask and take me with you when you buy. You must not be represented by any other agent or brokerage and agree to allow me to represent you as your buyer’s agent. I have rebated $THOUSANDS$ to previous buyers just for letting me bring them to the initial Showing and the Closing.

You will also benefit from my 13+ years experience in the transaction. Most people do not even know that they can, and should be, represented by a licensed Realtor® in every new construction transaction. There is no charge and this will not affect your purchase or the price in any negative way. Besides, you don’t want the builder to represent both themselves and you, right? I will work hard to make sure everything goes as planned and that you are treated fairly.

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